Thursday, 9 February 2017


Everyday is never the same and you should thereafter know more about Valentine’s Day. So, here’s a list of facts that would help you make the day unforgettable. You would seek the answers for the questions starting with ‘Why’. In case you wish to know more, then shop books along with deals for Valentine’s Day.

The first interesting fact we have found is that Saudi Arabia bans Valentine’s Day. This sound funny because you always see courtship among many Muslim households. While other countries celebrate the day with the exchange of chocolates, flowers or presents, people forbid doing so. Just like a blackout, you won’t observe any roadside activity or industries indulging in an enjoyable celebration time. Since years, wearing red outfits or selling objects painted with red color has been a taboo.

Though flowers and cards are common on this day, the percentage is quite different. While 34.3% of the people spend on purchasing flowers, 52.1% prefer to gift personalized cards for their soulmate. Believe it or not, almost 50% spread love in the air through jewelry and propose their partner with a ring. The day calls for dinner reservations and 34.6 is the actual percentage.

Yet another fact is that 53% of the women living in the US ditch their soulmates if they haven’t found appropriate Valentine’s gifts. Long back the Romans called it as the ‘Festival of Fertility’. This is unmarried people were scoped out and the days didn’t include the involvement of couples. Post disobedience, St. Valentine went against Emperor Claudius and ended up in secluding soldiers with women who were matured enough to be wives.

A meager number of pet owners showered love through attractive Valentine’s Day cards. This was known as ‘puppy love’. But, those who disliked the concept around the celebration, confined themselves indoors and prayed till sunset. They never took the risk of even meeting their old friends or someone whom they had known since years.

Quite interesting, despite the spread of wild roses across North America, it’s strange that South America still helps to import red roses. These were for those who find peace after professing love and desire to be romantic through a Hollywood style outcome. Even when singles thought that there were no girls to express feelings, a bash or a party was enough to give them lame excuses.

Many famous fast food joints organize something spectacular on February 14th. It might not be that exciting but is great for individuals who can’t afford to spend dimes after dimes. Needless to say, when foodstuffs are presented within seconds people prefer these joints for winding everything up in haste. Thinking about an inexpensive c
candle light dinner becomes easy with the menu.

Don’t know why red roses are considered among Valentine’s Day gifts on this special day? Then you must know. Red symbolizes passion and a bond intertwined with love. The goddess of Love, Venus accepted no other flowers than red roses. The funny part of it is that 75% men bought flowers and the number rises above 50 million years after year. You can’t deny the ever-increasing number of couples day by day. 

Monday, 6 February 2017


With that special day marked on the calendar, you would see chocolate packs, plush toys, and candies through glass walls of stores. But, do you know what happens around the world apart from America? No, then have a look at the ways in which countries celebrate the day as they shop Valentine’s Day gifts.

Traditions in Europe
The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is not the same across countries in Europe. In England, apart from the conventional exchange of flowers and chocolates, women place bay leaves next to their pillows. This might sound peculiar but the act is done with a belief that they would soon find a compatible match with whom they would tie knots. Moreover, you would observe them sprinkling rose water on such leaves. Well, you can find little ones beckoning Christmas in Norfolk. Anxiety just piles up when the day approaches fast. Children eagerly wait for Jack Valentine to knock their house and check out the goodies he would be carrying with him.

Far towards the south, the inhabitants of Italy celebrate Valentine’s Day as the spring festival. You can rewind your thoughts back to the times when you had read plays by Shakespeare. This is because poetries add to the enjoyment when vibrant youngsters have gathered near a park. Yet another exciting custom is that unmarried demoiselles go searching for young boys. As soon as they spot the first man, it’s decided that they should get prepared for the wedlock within a year.

Traditions in Asia
Quite evident, Asia sports a whole new set of customs. In South Korea, the dates are set for celebrations from February to April. As usual, giving away gifts start from Feb 14th. These include chocolates, flowers, and candies. But, the reverse happens in the month that follows February. March 14th is dubbed as ‘White Day’ because in addition to reciprocation of love by men through usual gifts something exclusive is offered to women. On the other hand, you would find less hustle on April 14th because unmarried individuals would be in a different disposition and gulp down black bean paste noodles and jjajangmyeon. Due to such a kind of custom all over, the day grabs the name, ‘Black Day’. China is a bit different when the special day is concerned. They celebrate ‘Qixi’, the Seventh Night Festival. Women carve creative designs on melon and other juicy fruits and pay homage to Zhinu, an age-old dame who voluntarily married a cowboy. Husband and wife visit nearby temples and stay awake to watch the union of stars, Vega and Altair. With the Philippines, you can see Western trend sweeping across the country. February 14th is the auspicious day for weddings or renew promises even when they had made resolutions a month back. Shopping malls and other areas become crowded with couples at a figure you can’t ever imagine.

Traditions in Africa
Interestingly, you can see a different custom all together in Africa. While women living in South Africa adorn themselves with heart shaped motifs sourced among Valentine’s gifts, men gather information about whom they love. To wrap it up, this points to a Roman tradition called Lupercalia.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you fulfill your dreams and share what’s on your mind with your girlfriend. We would be happy when you have chosen the right deals for Valentine’s Day.

Sunday, 29 January 2017


As the name suggests, helicopter parenting involves a close watch on the toddler’s activities. Nicknamed as ‘Overparenting’, such a style may include excessive protection and control when it’s actually not required. The term became popular long time back and was introduced in the dictionary in 2011. It applied to parents who are particular about what their children are up to even when they are mature enough to carry out the tasks. So, here are some reasons for which you shouldn’t go for helicopter parenting. To know more about such a kind of parenting, go through relationships books available online or the nearest bookstore.
Most of the parents intend to adopt helicopter parenting with a good intention. But, the case is very much different in the later stages. Parents become strict and ultimately lose the perspective of what their children desire. Since fear and decisions engulf them all the time, kids won’t become independent in the long run. They would feel lonely and not get a chance to enhance their skills while tackling challenges on their way.
In many situations, helicopter parenting backfires. Over involvement might make the child diffident and break the bond between him and his parents. The trust thereby fades away and the child develops lack of confidence in their parents. Maturity won’t work even if the task appears simple and easy to carry out.
Through the years, keeping an eye day in and day out, can never help the child to cope up with stress. Not just that, he or she would have to go about hugging someone in case of disappointments and failures. Not to be forgotten, a child never becomes younger day by day. The toddler must feel free to find ideal solutions to problems. Do skim through the best-selling parenting books to get an idea of what we are talking about.
According to the study of a well known University, overparenting gives way to depression and anxiety. It develops a complex that he or she is unable to face the competitive world. You might end up affecting his or her academic performance and hamper his reasoning abilities. Remember, you won’t be sitting beside the child while he is appearing for a competitive exam. After all, the child has to secure marks for him to feel proud about.
Excessive monitoring would certainly make you feel inferior and deficient. This is because you would be finding a way to cover up your feelings of not having nurtured the child.  
Finally, you would be restricting the child to succeed in doing small things. These could be anything like sliding a lunch box, inside the backpack, combing his hair, or tying shoelaces. Though you know that he possesses physical and mental capabilities, involving yourself would increase difficulties in mastering skills. Besides, you won’t be making it for a desire to do menial tasks. The toddler would always nudge you for help.

We suggest you go through parenting books and give it a thought about what you should adopt. Think about shopping online. You would score deals through plenty of options available on portals.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


It might seem odd to spend more on calendars, but the case is very much different. Staying organized is what would help you in the long run. So, if you don’t know the advantages of using a calendar, then it’s better to read further.
Wall calendars help you to have a quick look at your events. This aids you to pre-plan everything when that special day is around the corner. Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can think about saving money for the future. Nothing pays off at the eleventh hour or when you hurry up with the things on your ‘to-do’ list. For instance, when you have to organize a concert on Christmas Eve, then you would know what needs to be bought. While you have taken care of your expenses, you would realize that a good amount of money should be saved for having a great time. Furthermore, you can plan to strike off anything else that clashes with the date.   
Yet another benefit of using a calendar is scheduling new events. When days are marked on the calendar, you are aware of what’s already falling in that particular season. You can adjust your routine to strike the balance whenever it’s required. Taking leaves during those days is something that you can think about. You would be happy to manage workload as well as time even when the day is quite far away.
If you’re seeking to leap forward in business, then you can schedule newsletters, promotional activities, and blog posts through business calendars. An editorial calendar works well to focus tasks that need to be completed. For example, when you know Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day then you can prioritize everything for the marketing department. As stated earlier, haste would never let you accomplish your goals. A strategy across days would help you for a profitable business. Not just that, you can set reminders to fix appointments with clients. Nowadays, you can skim through a calendar through your smartphone even when you’re busy during a trip. Besides, you can think about making an event a big success as you schedule posts online.
Since a calendar is portable, you can help yourself in making right decisions even from the comfort of a desk. Well, that’s not all, you can refer to the days even during meetups with different teams. It’s never advisable to carry an annual calendar on the go. This is because you do have a calendar installed on your cell phone. It’s preferable to go through such a calendar virtually rather than spending time flipping months manually.

Finally, you can set deadlines right away. You no longer need to take the hard way not knowing the events or any other obligations. Imagine how painful it might be when you don’t know the dates. Calendars on cell phones come with a task list to keep an eye on recurring tasks. This helps in a great way for managing more than one project. Shop calendars online and scope out the best option.

Monday, 23 January 2017


With the desire to capture moments, last year I bought a DSLR. The functions were much more than the built-in camera of a smartphone or a tablet. But, it actually ate away my time to learn photography in the smartest way possible. So, if you class yourself as a beginner, then here are some tips apart from the tricks mentioned in arts and photography books. For sure, these would be useful and would blow your mind.
Follow the rule of thirds. Photos look better when the view is not placed in the center. For instance, if you would be clicking panoramic beauty then align it along with a grid, a mesh of vertical and horizontal lines. It splits the screen into 9 equal squares and sections. Well, the adjustment differs from subject to subject. While horizons can be aligned either to the bottom or top third line, position a foreground subject along the right or left third lines.
Take a snap always from the eye level. With this logic in mind, you should change the viewing angle accordingly. It might sound boring, but moving the camera up or down makes it for an interesting shot. So, if it’s somewhat difficult, then consider a camera with a rotatable LCD screen. Such a feature enables you to hold the camera overhead and still enjoy as well as smile at what’s in front of you.
With memory cards easily available at a reasonable price, you shouldn’t be left with an excuse for poor quality. In case you want to share photos across social circles, then think about image optimization on the computer through a photo management application. Such a task would help you save files quickly even when you’re preparing for continuous shots. But, the perception is much different with most of us. It’s a task that wastes time and efforts. Ensure that a RAW format is supported by the camera. This is because fixing a raw image is less time consuming than a poor JPG image. But, if it’s not one of your favorite photos, then never think about deleting it later.
Keep yourself updated with camera modes. While a manual mode aids to specify everything for a crystal clear image, an automatic mode does all the guesswork. On the other hand, a program mode determines features well before time. In case you want to add effects, then prefer a manual mode. You would surely gain control which otherwise is not possible with a program mode. Well, that’s not all with a DSLR camera. Time value and aperture value is what you can think about. An aperture value helps you to take power over focal length, while time value maintains the shutter speed.

To conclude, we hope you show your best and take photography skills to the next level. As you start incorporating these tips, you would never realize when you have become a professional photographer. Feel free to comment, if you come up with a new tip. Do buy film books online and grab the best buys.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


When it’s all about adhering to New Year resolutions, books support you in a better way. In fact, they would never betray you and would help you lift your spirits to accomplish your goals. Certainly, they keep you happy all the time and never leave you behind with deprivation. So, here are some creative ways that aid you to attain 2017 goals.
Obliterate the thought of munching junk food products. Instead, carry fat books in your haversack. A few pounds on your back would strengthen your biceps, triceps and more. It would later be something that you always desired and thought about while keeping yourself strong.
Making books your best friend is much more than trying to be modern through foul language. For little ones, you could buy new year books for children. Not only would you be adding some politeness in your speech but also would be able to communicate better in life? After all, you would be known in the crowd for your perceptions and outlook. Besides, you would be the one to learn through experiences stated in books. You would find a way to every challenge during tough times.
If you’re splurging on products, then books work wonders to control your actions. Hide a few dollars in the pages of a book and use it during emergencies. Not just that, you would be saving to the best extent.
Books help you to keep yourself calm when situation grow worse. You won’t be abusing people and calling them by names. Instead, you would be diving into a habit of reading at least 10 pages before reacting to opinions or comments. Once you’re lost in the plot, you’ll forget those fights and seek pleasure in a different world.
With a hectic schedule, a book would keep you busy when you’re not occupied with things. At leisure, you can improve concentration by balancing a book on your head. Additionally, you would be adding on to posture as time rolls by. A leisurely pace is what would help you to maintain a cool head on the go.
If you’re an introvert, then books rule out this personality trait. With plenty of ideas and subjects to speak on, you would be a conversation starter no matter how well you know an individual. When you are about to connect with movie buffs, you can simply say that the book was interesting than the movie. Surely, everyone would admire the fact and your preference.
Books for a new year are a better way to spend time fruitfully and productively. It opens doors to get rid of bad habits. It helps you to stay young with thoughts, words, and phrases. It keeps your mind busy and never lets you be obnoxious among the lot. Through the days, you won’t know how big your collection has grown.
Before winding up, consider being a bookworm if stress overrules you. Get into a bathtub and enjoy a novel. For sure, you would have every reason to spice up your life. As the year 2017 is about to start, plan to buy from a new year book store.

Friday, 23 December 2016


When you’re thinking about making resolutions for the upcoming year, then you shouldn’t forget about the mind. Reading books for a new year in leisure time is sure to contribute towards exercising an empty mind. Not only would you be adding to the knowledge bank but also enhancing your wisdom through different experiences So, here’s with some of the benefits of pouring interest in books. These are easily available at the nearest new year offer book store.

As stated earlier, reading as a hobby enhances knowledge. When you keep your interest glued in books, it actually enables you to discover the world around you. Not just that, you would be diving deep into a whole new world of experiences. You grab the chance of following imagination that the author has been showcasing across the pages. At the end, you would be changing your perceptions as well as outlook indirectly.
Expect stress to simmer down as you read books. No matter how much you might be struggling in your life, reading diverts your mind and makes you forget those worries. Things that have been bothering you much actually drain away. In fact, it allows you to relax a bit more. While an article might distract you in a better way, a well-written novel can associate you with other spheres of life.
There’s no other option than reading to keep your brain occupied and healthy. Studies reveal that mental stimulation reduces the chances of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Besides reading paragraphs, puzzles and crosswords help in a big way to improve cognitive skills. To cut it short, you would be energizing the brain even when it has lost power after a tiresome routine. You can also think about rejuvenating yourself through new year books for children.
Quite obvious, when you start loving the language, you would be finding a way to hone in on your communication skills. This is because reading different novels makes you realize the flexibility of the language. Besides, it provides you a great way to connect with anonymous people. You would then be a conversation starter and keep other engaged with different topics.
When you read a book, you improve concentration and appreciate fine details. Everything else fades away, and you get back to work with a fresh mind. It works wonders when you keep yourself busy reading books for almost 20 minutes. We suggest you indulge in such a pastime while you’re traveling to the workplace. Believe it or not, you would observe a hike in productivity at your desk without getting distracted with things around you.
Finally, something like a mystery novel puts analytical and critical thinking skills into action. This is because you would be anticipating as to who would be the crime suspect. Later, a discussion with like-minded individuals gives you the freedom to state opinions. Besides, you would be spending a fruitful time in considering the aspects involved in the plot.